The DevOps Therapist

A DevOps Cultural Safe Zone

antique_podium_smallSome people see things, and say “Why?” But I dream things that never were; and say “Why not?”



Building an Enterprise DevOps Community

DevOps Enterprise Summit

I speak about the power and importance of Community and how it can be developed within your own organization. I have successfully implemented a broad DevOps community across 10 business units, and I discuss the methods used in this process.

Video of talk



Practical Approach to DevOps in Enterprise

Seattle Technology Leadership Summit

I take a deep dive into DevOps processes and how to implement the cultural methodologies in tough organizations. There is specific attention to how you do the “DevOps” with an Enterprise culture that includes significant outsourcing.



DevOps for the Rest of Us 

SIM Portland Oregon

How everyone can do DevOps with particular attention to the business (Leadership, Product Management and Finance) and the rest of IT (Corporate IT, Networking, SAN, DBA, QA, Release…). The talk will provide tactical approaches rather than a high level description of the problem.



DevOps Automation Orchestration for Networks


How networking can start embracing DevOps. Never was there a group in need of better open communication and relationship building! As a former CCIE I talk about how a DevOps culture can make this team feel more inclusive rather than a black hole for tickets to die in.